Private Jet Company Volato Announces In-Fleet 'Stretch Jet Card Program' that Rewards Booking Flexibility

ATLANTA, Sept. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Volato, the most efficient way to experience a private jet, announced the Volato Stretch Jet Card, the first and only jet card that rewards itinerary flexibility when you book a flight on a private jet. The in-fleet Stretch Jet Card rewards flexibility by stretching flight hours with Stretch Credits, which accrue for flight time on Volato's fleet of luxury HondaJets. When a Stretch Jet Card holder requests their booking, they provide their ideal departure/arrival airports, departure time and a range in which they can be flexible from a quarter day to a full day. When the flight is confirmed, should their departure time or airport vary from their request, they are rewarded with Stretch Credits: fractions of hours deposited into their Stretch Jet Card wallet, thus stretching their balance of hours.  

"The industry has received an influx of leisure travelers who now represent the majority of private jet card aviation usage," said Matt Liotta, Co-Founder and CEO. "The Stretch Jet Card was designed for this growing segment of people who enjoy flexibility in their lives and rewards them for it. We anticipate strong interest from those in existing, fixed schedule programs who can secure a Stretch Jet Card for supplemental lift and potentially reduce their cost of flying by being rewarded when they or their loved ones can be flexible." 

The Stretch Jet Card Program solves a business problem within the private aviation industry by maximizing the use of assets without providing operational stress. Volato's HondaJets are ideal for missions with up to four passengers, across three hours.

"The Stretch Jet Card not only rewards those that enjoy a flexible itinerary, but it also increases operational efficiency and revenue as we can allocate flights when our fractional fleet owners are not flying themselves," said LouAnn Gray, Sales Manager for Stretch Jet Card and Volato Charter. "As our HondaJet fractional owners receive a revenue share of every live mission, they are happy to see increased aircraft utilization without impacting their own travel schedules. It's a win-win." 

To take advantage of the Stretch Jet Card Program, customers: 

  • Request a flight with Volato's premier concierge team sharing their preferred departure date, time and airport, arrival airport, as well as itinerary flexibility from a quarter-day to a full-day  
  • Volato will work to accommodate the customer's exact request  
  • Volato will confirm the customer's itinerary 12 hours prior to departure  
  • If Volato requests a schedule change and the customer agrees, Stretch Credits will be rewarded based on the difference between the customer's requested departure time and the scheduled departure time; if the customer departs from, or arrives to, an executive airport other than, but close to, the requested airport. 

Customers are rewarded for their flexibility with Stretch Credits: time added to their Stretch Jet Card 

  • Quarter-Day Stretch = 0.1 hour Stretch Credit
  • Day Stretch = 0.2 hour Stretch Credit  
  • Full-Day Stretch = 0.4 hour Stretch Credit  
  • Airport Stretch = 0.5 hour Stretch Credit 

Volato's Stretch Jet Card rates: 

  • 10-Hour Block = $55,000  
  • 25-Hour Block = $137,500 
  • 50-Hour Block = $275,000

Flight debits, credits, and other costs: 

  • Occupied and Repositioning Rate = $5,500 per hour including fuel
  • Receive 0.5 hour Stretch Credit for every hour of repositioning  
  • Additional expenses charged at cost  

Volato is uniquely positioned to be the industry leader in the private aviation sector by offering one of the largest and most modern fleets of HondaJets in the world, the only in-fleet jet card that rewards flexibility, and Volato Aircraft Management Services with a focus on HondaJets and large cabin aircraft. With IS-BAO Stage 2 and ARGUS Platinum safety ratings and accident-free history, Volato operates with the highest safety standards of any HondaJet operator. In addition, Volato offsets the CO2 on every gallon of fuel used by their HondaJets through a program with 4AIR, provides pilots with robust training and a balanced lifestyle, and offers an in-house maintenance program. 

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About Volato
Volato is a full services aviation company providing modern ways to enjoy luxury private jets through their innovative, friendly, and sustainable solutions. Volato provides a fresh approach to fractional, aircraft management, jet card and charter programs. Volato's fractional program focuses on missions of up to four passengers in a fleet of bespoke HondaJet Elite aircraft and uniquely offers flexible flight hours and a revenue share. 

All Volato flights are operated by its DOT/FAA-authorized air carrier subsidiaries (G C Aviation, Inc., FlyDreams, LLC d/b/a Volato) or by an approved vendor air carrier. 

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